Authors: Adam N. Crnobrnja and Nikola Crnobrnja

137 pages

17.1 x 24.5 cm


Belgrade 2004
700,00 дин
Језик публикације

Belgrades history: from numismatic records


Through ten chapters, the exhibition catalogue Belgrade's History from the Numismatic Record tells interwoven stories of money and the city; it begins with the coin emissions of the Scordiscs and ends with our age. Readers will not only gain insight into the two millennia-long history of Belgrade but will also have an opportunity to enjoy the beauty of minted and printed money that has left its imprint in the area between the Sava and Danube rivers. Particular stress is laid on the coin of Empress Salonina minted in 265 A.D., which is the earliest known example of a coin (as an official document) featuring a cross.