Belgrade City Museum, The Residence of Princess Ljubica
October 24-25, 2019.

We are cordially asking you to include the archaeological Conference “Jewellery remains NAOS 2.0” in your calendar where numerous research papers will be presented, on the topic of forming collections, identification, interpretation, display of good practice and the possibility of using special collections of archaeological jewellery.

The conference will involve ten archaeologists from museums and scientific institutions from five countries in the region; besides archaeologists from Serbia, colleagues from Slovenia, Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina and Macedonia will be present, who saw the Conference as an opportunity to present and discuss their latest findings. The received papers will, from different aspects, theoretical and practical, research archaeological jewellery in the long time frame from the point of their occurrence.

The presented research studies will be published in the form of a Conference reports book and for this book you can register your research paper, even if you don’t participate with it in the official part of the Conference.

Book of Abstracts and Program

About the Conference NAOS 2.0

The Conference is organized by the Belgrade city Museum regarding the successfully realized international cooperation of the exhibition Jewellery remains, heritage our most valuable jewellery. The exhibition marked the year 2018 – Year of European Heritage, in cooperation with five other regional museums from Slovenia. The project and exhibition were devised by a team of archaeologists from Slovenia and Serbia on forehead with a curator, Doctor of Archaeology and writer Verena Vidrih Perko.

Belgrade City Museum participated in the event with the exhibition “The Treasure of Singidunum”, and in the realization of the project, four more museums from Slovenia were involved: Gorenjska Museum from Kranj, Posavje Museum from Brežice, Tolmin Museum and the Koper Regional Museum, and in the shaping of the exhibition, a large team was included, involving archaeologist curators, young artists, photographers and designers.

The goal of the Conference is to continue the cooperation that marked 2018 – Year of the European Heritage, and to continue the cooperation, according to the Slovenian model, in 2020, when the final event is planned – the exhibition Jewellery remains - heritage our most precious jewellery, on which local heritage from multiple museums in the region will be presented.

Invited participants

  • Verena Vidrih Perko, Gorenjska Museum, Kranj
  • Goce Naumov, Goce Delčev University, Štip
  • Jasna Vuković, Faculty of Philosophy, University of Belgrade
  • Sofija Stefanović, Laboratory for Bioarchaeology, Faculty of Philosophy, University of Belgrade
  • Katarina Dmitrović, National Museum, Čačak
  • Miha Mlinar, Tolmin Museum, Tolmin
  • Jana Puhar, Posavje Museum, Brežice
  • Ana Marić, National Museum of Bosnia and Herzegovina, Sarajevo
  • Timka Alihodžić, Archaeological Museum, Zadar
  • Maša Sakara Sučević, Koper Regional Museum
  • Tatjana Mihajlović, National Museum, Kraljevo
  • Marina Kovač, Archaeological Museum Osijek

Conference Scientific Committee

  • Ddr Verena Vidrih Perko, Gorenjska Museum, Kranj View profile
  • dr Gordana Jeremić, Archaeological Institute, Belgrade View profile
  • dr Adam Crnobrnja, National Museum, Belgrade View profile
  • dr Maša Sakara Sučević, Koper Regional Museum, Koper View profile
  • Slavica Krunić, Belgrade City Museum, Belgrade View profile

Organization committee

  • Jelena Medaković, director, Belgrade City Museum
  • Milorad Ignjatović, Belgrade City Museum
  • Adam Crnobrnja, chairman of the Serbian Archaeological Society
  • Gordana Jeremić, Archeological Institute, Belgrade
  • Đurađ Đurić, Belgrade City Museum
  • Jovana Ivelić, Belgrade City Museum

Useful information

Registration manual

In order to be included in the final Conference program, at least the author or one co-author of each accepted paper must be registered by sending a registration form to the conference e-mail This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. (date expired)

You can register your work for the Conference reports book even if you don’t participate in the official part of the Conference. In this case, the author or any of the co-authors of each accepted paper must deliver a short version of the paper before December 15, 2019.

How to prepare your short paper for the Conference reports book

  • Text (minimum 2 pages / maximum 4 pages) should cover one of the areas, theoretical or practical, that involves archaeological jewellery research;
  • We ask you nicely to comply with the deadline for paper registration (September 15, 2019);
  • Your papers should be prepared according to our template, and can be written in English or one of the languages from the ex Yugoslavia region;
  • Attachments and tables should be attached to the text, not sent separately;
  • All of the papers will undergo a peer review by the members of the Scientific board;
  • For information about acceptance, please look at our Important dates;
  • The author or one co-author of each accepted paper must be registered before the registration deadline for the Conference reports submission (December 20, 2019), in order to guarantee involvement in the final program of the conference.

Important dates

The call for authors and start of registration: June 30, 2019;
Registration deadline: August 30, 2019;
Deadline for sending abstracts: September 15, 2019;
Paper acceptance notice: September 20, 2019;
Conference: October 24 and 25, 2019;
Deadline for sending papers for the conference report: December 20, 2019.


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