Stukas Flew in at the Dawn

  • Organisation:

    The Cultural Element and Belgrade City Museum

  • Location: The Residence of Princess Ljubica
  • Date: June 20, at 2017, at 18 h
  • Impressum:

    Pianists: Ana Spremić, and Dina Čubrilović, piano four hands

    Dancers: Jovana Stojić, Nikola Kalović, and Georgije Grbić

    Large airplane model: by the artistic atelier “Artestre”

    Directed by: Tadija Miletić

    Photographs by: Ivan Plazačić, and Sara Karać

At the Residence of Princess Ljubica, the Cultural Element organized the programe ’’Stukas Flew In at the Dawn“, which ceremoniously closed the exhibition ’’Belgrade Fairground – back to the future’’. Through the performance, that was a combination of music and dance, and was directly linked to the exhibition, we wanted to depict a huge machinery that flew over Belgrade, and had left permanent, and indelible cosequences. The performance was based on a concept that the victims and tragically ended destinies should never be forgotten, but also on the retelling of the story of Belgrade Fairground and destroyed hope.

Belgrade Musical Arches - Archive

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Stukas Flew in at the Dawn
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