The Keys of the White City. Belgrade in 1867

  • Location: Sava Promenade, Kalemegdan Fortress, Belgrade
  • Date: April 14 – May 15, 2017
  • Organisation:

    Belgrade Fortress Public Company and the Belgrade City Museum; the event is organized as part of the 2017 Days of Belgrade

  • Impressum:

    Ljubica Ćorović, MA, Library Advisor at the Belgrade City Library, and Vladimir Tomić, Senior Curator at the Belgrade City Museum, authors of the exhibition; Olivera Vučković, Belgrade Fortress Public Company, author of the programme.

The exhibition is organzied on the occasion of the 150th anniversary of the ceremony when Ottonam authorities handed over of the keys of Belgrade to Prince Mihailo Obrenović. This event marked the beginning in a new stage in the development of the Principality of Serbia, which paved the way to gaining national independence.

On 30 panels, visitors will be able to see the events that preceded the handing over of the keys, the act of surrender (April 6/19, 1867, at the site of today's memorial in the Kalemegdan Park a firman issued by Sultan Abdul Aziz was read in Belgrade according to which the fortresses of Šabac, Smederevo and Kladovo were to be handed over to the authority of the Serbs), as well as the consequences of this event for the Serbs.