Museum Pearls: the future permanent exhibition of the Belgrade City Museum

  • Location: Belgrade City Museum, Resavska 40b
  • Date: May 4–25, 2017
  • Organisation:

    Belgrade City Museum and BINA

  • Impressum:

    Dragana Stojić, Angelina Banković, MA and Zlata Vuksanović Macura, PhD, the authors of the exhibition

The Belgrade City Museum has been carrying out its activities without its own building for 115 years. Due to this, the treasures kept in the Museum are usually hidden from the visitors’ eyes.

This exhibition will show through digital media the most representative, the most beautiful and the most valuable items held by the Museum which are to be displayed as part of its permanent exhibition. Through five thematic units, it will briefly tell the story of Belgrade’s history from prehistory to modern times and present a selection of items from the rich collections of the Museum.

The exhibits will include the objects from prehistoric cultures developed on the territory of Belgrade, treasures surviving from ancient Singidunum and medieval Belgrade, but also the most valuable items from the period of Austro-Turkish wars for Belgrade and the history of Zemun, as well as from the period of the liberation from Ottoman rule, the development of Belgrade in the 19th century and the work of some of the most famous artists of the 20th century, such as Paja Jovanović, Uroš Predić, Nadežda Petrović, Matija Vuković, Lazar Vozarević or Petar Lubarda.