A Look into the Centre

  • Location: Belgrade City Museum, Resavska 40b
  • Date: November 07 – November 25, 2017
  • Organisation:

    Academy of the Faculty of Pine Arts in Belgrade and the Belgrade City Museum

The exhibition A Look into the Centre includes 211 works of 100 artists and it offers an insight into the Graphic Art Collection of the Graphic Art Centre. The Collection has been formed over two full decades. It was initiated with the earliest Editions of the Centre and was later enriched with artists’ gifts. Today, the collection contains more than 800 prints, including the works of artists from various countries.

The occasion for opening the cabinets storing the Collection and presenting to the audience a part of it was is the 80th anniversary of the Faculty of Fine Arts in Belgrade.

The exhibition seeks to highlight the most important activity of the Centre – creating and printing the works of graphic art. The delicate process of the realization of the artist's idea through all the technical procedures and multiple stages of work, until the final materialization into a print, involves the technical support of a printmaster. In this way, the Centre encourages numerous artists to translate their ideas and concepts into the medium of graphic art. That is why the exhibition includes some works rendered in other media, enabling us to comprehend artistic work, where one idea or theme can be flexibly translated into different media, without losing its wide-ranging effect.