Istanbul: a view through a window

  • Location: The Residence of Princess Ljubica, Kneza Sime Markovića 8
  • Date: May 26 - September 1st, 2016
  • Organisation:

    Музеј града Београда и аутор

  • Impressum:

    Жељка Мићановић, аутор изложбе;

Through her latest works in the areas of graphic art, drawing, animation and experimental books, the author opens a new ‘window’, as a follow-up to a series of previous exhibitions dedicated to cities, memories, impressions and personal notes.

This time, Željka presents Istanbul, a city where she lived for several years and the pulse of which was recorded in a series of her works of various formats and techniques. Željka's musings about the urban space and seemingly absurd, accidental moments are materialized in the images of the city of Istanbul, opening to us a window to the unexplored world of a seemingly familiar but still distant ‘other’ environment. Presented in an intimate, harmonious and aesthetically purified space of the Hamam in the Residence of Princess Ljubica, which itself encapsulates a whole range of meanings, through her recognizable complexity and ease of expression, Željka offers a simultaneous insight into the past and the present, enabling us to experience it and interpret it in our own way.

Željka Mićanović was born in Tuzla. Having completed her secondary education in Belgrade, she continued her studies at Macerata, Italy, where she graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts, Department of Graphic Art, in 2008. The following year, 2009, she completed her MA studies at the Istituto Europeo di Design, course: Show Stylist. Since 2010, she has been the head of the Prozor Art Studio. She has been a full member of the Association of Applied Arts Artists and Designers of Serbia since 2009 and has presented her works at several collective and one-artist exhibitions.