Let Me Tell You a Story

  • Location: Museum of Jovan Cvijić, 5 Jelene Ćetković Street
  • Date: 16 August – 15 October, 2018
  • Organisation:

    Belgrade City Museum and Zadar Archeological Museum

  • Impressum:

    Timka Alihodžić, Curator for the Antiquity Department of Zadar Archeological Museum; Coordinator: Miroslav Ignjatović, Museum's Advisor; Production: Production 64

The visitors will have an opportunity to learn of the ways how are the archeologist able to reconstruct past lives, based on the anthropological findings and materials from graves. Burrial rituals are presented, and some light has been shed on the possible professions and habits of the deceased, as well as, their social status. The deceased were citizens of Ancient Zadar, where more than 2,000 graves from the period have been explored.

Four graves, with intriguing materials for the reconstruction of life at the time, were selected: “Who was the person in grave 11?”, “One grave, four names, five stories”, “Who had brought syphilis to Zadar? Surely not Columbus?” and “A lady from Relja”.